Onlineerhebung CHILD UP Eltern Schule ENG
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Dear Parents,
Thank you for joining our study. In this we go to the question of whether the origin of the
Children or their parents play a role in learning, participation and togetherness.
In this questionnaire you will be asked about your views and experiences. the same
Questions are also asked parents in seven other European countries. The questionnaire consists of three
major sections: First, we ask a few questions about your person, then we would like to learn, how do you experience coexistence and learning in schools. Finally, we ask you some questions about your
perception of the relationships of children and adolescents, teachers and parents.
Answering the questionnaire takes about 45 minutes. Your participation in the study is voluntary. You can cancel it at any time. Of course, there are no disadvantages for you from a cancellation. Your data will be treated confidentially, anonymised and used only for scientific purposes. If you have questions about the study, please feel free to contact us:
Study Director:
Mrs. Prof. Dr. Franziska Waechter
0351/4 69 02 59
Involved researchers:
Dr. Thomas Droessler
0351/469 02 54
Miss Dr. Margund Rohr
0351/469 02 95

First some hints for completing the questionnaire:
- Please read all questions carefully and answer every question honestly and without thinking. If you have difficulty finding an answer, choose the one that best suits you.
- When answering the questions, there are no right or wrong answers. It is about your personal opinion and your experience, so please respond as spontaneously as possible.
- As the questions are asked not only in Germany, but also in seven other European countries, and are addressed to as many adults as possible, it may be that one or the other question does not seem to suit you. Please answer these questions anyway.
- When answering the questionnaire, please do not provide any personal information about yourself or third parties, for example, do not use any clear names that allow to identify your identity or the identity of third parties.
Completing the questionnaire is very easy. Simply tick the appropriate answer options at the appropriate boxes.In text fields, for example, with age information or open answer otions, you can simply type the number or text into the appropriate boxes/ fields.

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